If you live in the UK you have probably noticed that some things are just a lot harder to get than in the US.

It doesn’t make sense.

But still it’s happening. So what else can we do than provide you with the best buying options for The Seaview 180 full face snorkeling mask?

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If you enjoy snorkeling, the United Kingdom is a spectacular place to visit. In this article, we will discuss some snorkeling sites where you can see the best beauty that the UK has to offer.

If you enjoy the thought of seeing seahorses, Studland Bay is an area you can snorkel to see both short- and long-snouted varieties. They are regularly spotted here, so with some patience and a thirst for adventure, you’re sure to witness lots of marine life.

Another place to go snorkeling with a full face mask is Stackpole Quay. This area has plenty of protection from westerly and northerly winds. Here you can find lots of types of crabs, as they gather in large numbers to breed.

The third area that provides excellent snorkeling for those interested is Prussia Cove. This is a lovely bay with natural beauty. A short walk takes you to the bay, and from there you would swim outward until you hit the sand. There, right before you, lies a submerged and ridged island. You’ll find yourself in the midst of some beautiful fronds, anemones, and even a couple of basking sharks. This site is close to a colony of gray seals, so you could even be fortunate enough to see some of these magnificent creatures.

Some things to keep in mind when you go snorkeling in the United Kingdom is boat traffic in the water around you, and the strength of the wind on the day you decide to go out on your adventure.

Marine life and the beauty found under the waves, is not just available for those who can dive. If you enjoy snorkeling, and either live in the United Kingdom or plan on visiting soon, some lovely options are available to you. Happy snorkeling!


The Seaview 180 is a new full face snorkel mask with a new design that allows you to see more under the water while cutting out the risk of the gag reflex. The Seaview has a panoramic full face design; it also is made of the top rated materials, making the anti-fog lens a feature that makes this a wonderful product. With the GoPro Mount, you can easily attach your camera to capture and share your excursion with your loved ones. The Dry snorkel design also makes it impossible for salt water to get into the mouth, making the gag reflex a no worries-aspect of your snorkeling excursion.

The price range is also a moderate aspect of this new frontier for underwater adventure. The average price for a Seaview 180 is about $70-100, making it a must-have for the youth and the rookie group of snorkelers. Some of the older designs have a mouth peace going too far into the mouth, triggering a gag reflex, along with the bitter taste of salt water which can ruin the whole experience.

Seaview 180 is a new full face snorkel mask

The anti-leak design of the Seaview 180 makes it impossible for the water to reach your eyes, which makes it appealing for children. During our Seaview 180 review we found the fit to be critical for proper sealing. You will need a measurement of the face to know the right size for your needs, as they come in extra small to extra large. The measurement of the t-zone can tell you the appropriate size for you. For a closer fit, the measurement must be done in centimeters only. This will be asked within the features while ordering.

Once you are experienced in the utilization of the product, you do have the option of attaching a tube for longer use of the Seaview 180. This allows you to bring fresh air into the mask without leaving the water and breaking the seal as often. So have fun and always exercise necessary caution while enjoying the Seaview 180 and its many amazing features.