Snorkel Holic Free Breath Full Face Mask Review

There is nothing quite like being out on the water, and one of the better water sports that most people enjoy is snorkeling. It gives you the opportunity to see what is taking place below the water’s surface while at the same time, being able to breathe freely as you do so. As is the case with any water sport, having the right equipment is imperative. That is why many people choose the Free Breath Snorkel Mask because it certainly has a lot to offer.


One of the first things that you will notice when you take the Free Breath Snorkel Mask out of the box is the fact that it is unique in comparison to other snorkel masks. It is a full face mask, so it has some different benefits before you even begin to talk about the quality of the item and how it works.

Since it is a full face mask, it gives you a better view of what is taking place below the surface. Most people tend to use goggles, but a facemask provides you with a broader field of view without being blocked by the edges of the goggles. Also, it is much more comfortable on the eyes than using goggles, especially if you have a difficulty getting them adjusted right.

Another problem that many people have when they are snorkeling is that water can get into the mask, mainly if they have facial hair. It is recommended that you use Vaseline or a similar product on your facial hair to get a better seal, but that is not going to be a problem with this mask. It covers over a mustache quite nicely so you can go ahead and enjoy a day out snorkeling without having to worry about the water getting in.

Of course, that isn’t to say that there is going to be no water that gets into the mask. Some people have complained about a bit of leaking from the edges, but this is very dependent on face shape. Once you get the fit right, it should be a serious problem and most people can go for quite some time without having to clear the mask.

Another benefit of using a full face mask is that the snorkel is held in position by the mask and not by your mouth. Many people have a difficulty using a regular snorkel because it hurts their teeth. If you fall into that category, you are not going to have a difficulty with this mask.



This is also a great option for anybody who is just getting started with snorkeling. Of course, you would want to learn how to use a proper snorkel and mask, but this can help to introduce somebody to the sport and let them see all that the ocean has to offer under the surface. Many people even use it in swimming pools when they are swimming for exercise. It is a convenient device to have on hand.

There are also additional options for the Free Breath Snorkel Mask, including a GoPro mount. If you want to enjoy the sport of snorkeling, you will want to share it with others. A GoPro camera allows you to capture everything that you see and since it mounts directly on the mask, it can give everyone a birds-eye view of what is taking place.


Regardless of whether you’re just starting out or if you’re looking for a more comfortable way to see under the surface, the Free Breath Snorkel Mask is an option that should not be overlooked.