Ahhh, snorkeling! Isn’t it the best way to spend a vacation on the beach?

For us it is!

We love diving and freediving, but we spend most of our time snorkeling. Simply because it’s so easy and relaxing. And in a lot of places you can see just as much as when going deeper. When we first heard of the invention of the full face snorkeling mask, we had to try it. 

I have been snorkeling since I was 5 but my girlfriend has only started a year ago.

And she was struggling with a normal mask and snorkel.

So she tried the Seaview 180 and since then she is just as enthusiastic as me. So I had to give it a try too. The level of comfort and field of view is beyond any normal mask I have tried. 

So we had to start this site to promote the use of full face snorkel masks and allow people to find the best one for them. So that more people can experience the beautiful world under water, while having more fun and feeling more comfortable. 

Welcome to our site and hope you join us for a snorkel