H2O Ninja Mask Review – Is This The Best Option For Full Face Snorkeling?

 If you want to find out how good the H2O Ninja mask is, you have come to the right place.

Ever since we first saw it on Facebook we wanted to get our hands on it for testing. 

Bottom line?

It’s not a bad product, but for the money you can buy 5(!) Tribord Easybreaths. And they perform just as well. 

So what happened?

Our Test Trip

We went on a snorkeling trip in El Nido, Phillipines. This is one of the most beautiful areas in the world, for snorkeling, if you ask me. 

At the manufacturers website we ordered the H20 Ninja and had it shipped to our holiday resort. 

With shipping costs the total price came to $155.

But all in the name of science…

Over the next 2 weeks we tested the mask in- and around the island. And it worked very well in all ways that a full face mask does. 

  • Very little to no fogging.
  • Very comfortable
  • Wide range of view
  • No water in nose or mouth

The H2O Snorkeling Mask


The design of the Ninja is very similar other full face masks. 

It covers the entire face yet is surprisingly free of fogging. These masks were inspired by the full face mask and regulator systems used by deep sea divers, those divers who manage to swim under the water at the lowest depths and highest pressures the human body can take without breaking.

The breathing tube is built into the mask itself and creates a snug, full face seal that creates a clear, unblocked area between the entire cover and the surface.

The built-in snorkel also includes a backup method of keeping clear, specifically a one-way ball valve. Its specialized design allows snorkelers to view the sea with less fogging than ever, largely due to its design inspired by deep sea diving equipment.

The snorkel has no need for a mouthpiece though, and many snorkelers with issues ranging from problems with their teeth to simply disliking the taste of plastic or rubber will appreciate that it doesn’t require the user to wear anything in their mouths.

The mask also allows for full usage of the nose.

The nose breathes as easily as the mouth with the H20 Ninja mask, and many people will prefer this over a traditional snorkeling system.


The skirt is made of industrial grade silicone and shaped to fit almost any face. We didn’t notice any degradation during 2 weeks of holiday in very strong sunlight. 


H2O uses a lens with special coating to reduce the glare. 

Our Review

The H20 Ninja performed well during our trip. The measuring system on the manufacturers website resulted in the right size for us.

And we used it for 2 weeks without any problems. And it has a anti-glare coating that’s the best in the business. 

But the price is high.

So if you really want the best possible anti-glare lens, then you can’t go wrong with this mask. 

If you are willing to accept slightly lower qualtiy materials and anti-glare, then we recommend you take a look at the Tribord Easybreath or Seaview 180.

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MaskH2O Ninja
Pros:– High quality materials- Anti glare lensCons: – High price 
 SummaryA quality mask with a high price tag.If you want the very best, go for this.If you a lot of bang for your buck look elswhere.
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